Magnesia, Greece

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Galicia, Spain

What's this Project all about - General Info

This project was born due to the cooperation in adult education among the Education Government of Galicia, the IES Campo de San Alberto, to this we must add the cooperation between the Education Government of Galicia and the Commission of Education and Culture in the Galician Parliament. We cannot forget the tight cooperation that IES Campo de San Alberto has been developing with some educational institutions from the Greek region of Magnesia for more than 6 years by means of several educational Grundtvig projects. This productive cooperation has led us to work on those significant aspects that both regions have in common and of course, on those meaningful differences that exist between them, with the objective of improving the cooperation among European citizens from the base. Through the cooperation among educational authorities, schools and this project tries to increase the opportunities for future employment of students in risk of social exclusion and/or dropping out of school; it also aims to enrich the educational offer introducing significant improvements in the education for young people, offering them not only courses linked to the professional qualification competences, but also cooperative learning, implying the families and other members of the community in their children education.

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